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I am setting up a focus group with whom I’ll share raw, unedited version of the chapters from my upcoming book – “The Impact Blueprint”. The idea is to get your feedback, criticisms and/or inputs that can help me make the book 10% more readable and useful. I invite my readers to join the focus group and be the part of my journey.

While I cannot thank you enough for your time, the members of the focus group will find a mention in the acknowledgements sections of the book and get a free digital copy of it.

About the book

The Impact blueprint outlines how to build a meaningful, rewarding and fulfilling career in this new digital era. The book lays out a framework for:
– Discovery of self and opportunities that didn’t exist as career options just a couple of years back.
– Understanding what’s stopping you from getting there and building roadmap to the promised land
– Execution time – the next steps, execution strategy and tools + skillsets to predict and deal with top hurdles that you are definitely going to encounter
– Retrospection: Where have you reached, how far from start point and how to close the end goal! Hey, did you want to readjust your plans, your goals? Then this is your time to do it. The section asks you questions that help you in getting a clear picture of your wants versus your needs, your perception of you versus your realities and getting real!
Coming from a techie and a millennial (the one who keeps getting blamed for self-entitlement), the book tends to merge technology and life at various junctures to an extent, where everything I suggest might subconsciously require you to use tech in some form or the other!

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