Whats this blog about

Tech has not only revolutionized businesses and our social structures – It has also deeply impacted our careers, personal lives and productivity

The core purpose of existence for this blog. We delve deep into the evolution, applications, theories and case studies.

What all the hype and buzz about digital transformation and technology adoption means to your organization and strategy.

Teams and Careers

For Professionals and students – in-depth roadmap, ideas and philosophies behind building rewarding and fulfilling careers

Outsourcing tech

No business can grow without focussing on core and outsourcing rest. Here are some do’s and don’t from a decade old practitioner

Point of View

Rants, rambles and more of irrelevant stuff! But no blog can ever be complete without this! That’s my PoV on it!

Tech for Business & Us

Interesting apps, books, and productivity hacks that I gather as I scour the internet every day.

Product managers

Get close to your users – understand the new science of “Adoption engineering” and how to build products that win habits!

Entrepreneur Life

For startup aspirants and founders – What it meant being an entrepreneur to me and what it could (possibly) mean to you.

My Library

My go-to blogs, podcasts, videos, course and productivity tools online

About my book

The Impact Blueprint

A book on building a meaningful, rewarding and impactful career and how tech can help. As I paddle my way through the chapters, I am taking in enrollments for a focus group who will review the content and pass on their feedbacks!

Adoption Engineering

Beyond marketing and acquisition. building apps with adoption in mind.

Adoption Engineering

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