Focus Areas

AI-Led transformation advisory
[ Zero Experiment Playbooks, No Custom Development, Fast ramp up to RoI]

Investment , evaluation , set up and growth advisory on You tube channels, media portals, Micro-SaaS apps, monetized social media presence

AI led transformation advisory for brick and mortar businesses without going through pains of custom software development

Consulting and technology against equity, seed and bridge finds, investment readiness and connection to investor network.

Outcome-Led AI adoption

Implementation of private / public LLMs and training with company specific data for relevant business use cases.

Brick to click

AI-Led SOPs and playbooks for rinse-repeat growth engine for Brick n Mortar / OEMs and Offline services business.

Turnaround Strategy

Framework for identifying and implementing ops efficiency and defining new GTM strategy for plateau-ed businesses.

Marketing Technology

Rollout and Profitable growth for owned D2C ecommerce & Media sites backed by AI-Led automations.

Digital Assets

Investment and growth strategy for Media sites, Social channels. Influencer development and marketing.

Investment and Exit

Seed investment and In-kind investment via technology and growth consulting. Funding & acquisition readiness.

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About my Book

The Impact Blueprint

A book on building a meaningful, rewarding and impactful career and how tech can help. As I paddle my way through the chapters, I am taking in enrollments for a focus group who will review the content and pass on their feedbacks!

Beyond marketing and acquisition. building apps with adoption in mind.

Adoption Engineering

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