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I keep talking about having a 36,000 feet view of business and projects with my teams. It was just one fine day it struck as lighting – getting a 36K feet view on my career. What do I know, what do I get paid for and where am I in my life. That’s when a realisation dawned upon me: All I know, I love, I do, talk about, think in terms of and live is Technology! Getting more specific – it was consumer internet technology.

On another hand, I am as susceptible and bombarded by media as anyone else. Thanks to an array of personalization engines several content sites have mastered, I keep getting bombarded with funding news, who raised how much, ARPU, CAQ, marketplace, platform play and several more geeky terminologies. I am still trying to figure out when was I taught the meaning of these keywords that I use so naturally in my everyday conversations.

At around the same time (mid-2017), I was dealing with three failed tech startups. All of them started with great intentions by very learned people. Raised funding, reached out to people, got the downloads they needed – but somehow – failed. Suddenly I was staring at yet another reality, far from these metrics lives a user who just doesn’t give a damn to what techies think, feel or do. In fact, they aren’t users! They are PEOPLE – Which I myself once was before I got sucked into these jargons!

Thus began a journey where I set out retrospect, reflect, discover what got me nuts over technology in first place and then share with, evangelise and educate real people – whether they are leading a corporation as CEO or running a household like my mom, on how they can use technology to better their lives, work and everything else they care about through my journal – Right from the basics of what consumer internet means, how one can put it to work for them and what it could possibly mean to them!

What this blog means to techies and the product managers is that they get to see it from the perspective of a commoner and hopefully, like me, hit a realization that technology is not the end goal. It’s an instrument created to better mankind. It’s not about badges for each funky thing we know, but it’s about making sense to those who know none of these!

What this blog is NOT about: There is a little play on words here if you haven’t figured it out just yet. NutsOverTech abbreviates to NOT :). But that also serves a purpose of saying that this blog is strictly NOT about any funding news, gossips, tech stories, exits, mergers and acquisitions, etc.

Career development: The blog delves deep into topics of personal growth, productivity, career design for students, professionals and people looking for a career change or seeking new jobs.

Organization and culture: The third pillar of this blog is organizational strategy and building teams and how consumer internet tech can play a major role there. While I am not an expert here, I would love to share what I have learnt building an organization grounds up and working closely with other entrepreneurs who were either my partners, customers or just great friends. This could mean a wealth of information for entrepreneurs who are starting up and CXOs who are looking to leverage consumer internet tech for building better online presence or a kick-ass team.

In my mind, personal development and organisational growth are two most important applications of consumer internet and thus I chose them something that I need to talk about. There are other topics too which I discuss under several categories, however, almost all of them can be classified into one of these three pillars.

Logo: I used Canva to build this logo. NOT stands for Nutsovertech as you would have guessed it. The bar on the top of NOT comes from the boolean logic of NOT. (Remeber, the electronic circuits and boolean logic of AND, OR and NOT gates!). Sorry if that’s too geeky, but that helps me connect with my tech core. The NOT way signifies that the blog will stick to love for tech, what it means to me and what it could mean to people who may or may not be like me! There is no rationale whatsoever behind the choice of colour. Brick red looked good and bold. While I can still make s**t up as to why I choose it, I have decided to be as “not sales-y” as possible in this blog 🙂

If you have read it this far! Thanks a ton – you indeed are a patient and a good person!

Saurav Mishra


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